Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.
Lao Tzu

Anna Andersson
Psychotherapy & Yoga

Welcome to Anna’s Psychotherapy & Yoga Website

The word psychotherapy comes from the Greek words psyche, meaning breath, spirit or soul and therapeia, to nurse or cure. It is defined as caring for the soul and of the relief of distress in one person by another. Apart from solving our problems, counselling and psychotherapy can also be seen as an opportunity to explore and examine ourselves with a view to change and grow as human beings. It can be a way to become stronger and more content, achieve goals and take new risks, improve our relationships and find more meaning and purpose.

In my work as a therapist I provide insight and objectivity without any personal agenda that can be hard to find from family and friends and that encourages self-reflection, new perspective and change. I provide a safe and supportive environment where problems can be safely expressed and worked through. Current thoughts, feelings and repeated patterns of behaviour are explored to try to make sense of how they have arisen, continue to affect us and can best be resolved. Psychotherapy is potentially a transformative process. It is the result of the therapist and client forming a good working relationship where important and desired changes can occur. Commitment, regularity, trust and confidentiality are at the heart of my practice. I also believe a calm and professional setting is vital for the psychotherapeutic process to be rewarding.

Counselling & Psychotherapy
Both counselling and psychotherapy are based on talking about and resolving our problems. However, psychotherapy is usually conducted on a long term basis whilst counselling occurs over a short-term fixed period. This means that psychotherapy allows the time that is needed to talk through, reflect on and resolve our problems in appropriate depth. Counselling is often solution or goal oriented and helps the client find practical ways of working through problems and realising aims in a short-term time period.

I apply creative approaches in my work including visualisation, drawing and dream work. I usually see clients once per week for fifty minutes and welcome and work with clients with all kinds of problems but have an interest and developed a speciality in;

Psychosomatic issues
Relationship problems
Sexual problems