Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.
Lao Tzu

Anna Andersson
Psychotherapy & Yoga

Welcome to Anna’s Psychotherapy & Yoga Website

Yoga is over 6,000 years old, making it the most ancient spiritual practice, but it is just as relevant today as it always has been. In the west the term Yoga is typically associated with physical postures, or asanas, and the discipline mainly used as a means of shaping the body, acquiring flexibility and release stress. However, the Indian term Yoga, meaning “to control or to unite”, encompasses much more. In its essence Yoga is a spiritual discipline of which the exercises are only one part. The ultimate aim is to make us discover who we really are and to unite all aspects of the practitioner: mind, body, heart and spirit.

My teaching is integrative which means that though my training was based on Hatha Yoga which signifies breath and movement, I also incorporate Iyengar Yoga which is technique based and Astanga Yoga which is more dynamic. I teach in a safe and progressive manner and adjust the classes to meet the level, needs and conditions of each student. Inspired by my dance background and by whoever is in the class and what their needs are my teaching style is unique, personal and creative. My classes are diverse and dynamic yet meditative and tranquil, designed to help the student cultivate balance, well-being and self awareness, both on and off the yoga mat. Breath and movement synchronisation is emphasised as a way to open, strengthen and awaken the body. I also encourage inward reflection to help the student find their way back to inner clarity, freedom and peace.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
I have been practising Yoga therapy for 6 years and have a diploma in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. PRYT is a unique healing method that combines classical Yoga with elements of contemporary mind-body therapy. The discipline helps us enhance our awareness of the complex relationship between mind and body. It releases physical and emotional tension, body stored memories and blockages. A typical PRYT session is a one-on-one process that lasts for an hour and a half where the body and the yoga postures, or asanas, are used as vehicles for the exploratory process.

I teach Yoga one to one or in groups and usually visit clients in their home or office. I practice Yoga therapy with clients who wish to explore their physical or psychosomatic problems in sufficient depth. Sessions usually last 60 to 90 minutes.